For this assignment, we will be putting together an annotated bibliography of at least 8 sources for a potential final project proposal. These sources can include the non-required reading section of the syllabus.
However, academic articles from well-regarded journals and trusted journalistic sources are preferred, and
we encourage you to use your best judgment as scholars when selecting these sources.
How will you know if the academic article is from a well-regarded journal? If in doubt, please see this
Colorado State guide to evaluating the credibility of sources in a college paper. Don’t overthink this too
much: if you have a burning question, post on Piazza, but otherwise, go with your intuition on the source.
We’ll let you know if the source doesn’t meet our standards when we evaluate these.
To complete this assignment, please do the following:
1. Provide one paragraph introducing your topic. This paragraph must include your research question
and your preliminary thesis (1-3 sentences) that provide your early working answer to this question.
2. Next, provide at least 8 sources on this topic area that you have read. For each of these sources, please
do the following:
ˆ Provide each source in a bibliographic citation format of your choice (MLA, Chicago, or any other
so long as you are consistent in your style).
ˆ Summarize the main argument or finding of the source in 1-3 sentences.
ˆ Provide your reflection on this piece, whether or not it has influenced your thinking on the subject,
and whether or not it will make it into your proposal (in the literature review or as the framing
puzzle of your project, for example) in 1-3